What makes you publicly sexy? 


"Some women and men will look at this picture and say “you’re beautiful” or “I wish I was small like you” or simply “you’re body is hot”. But from many other men and women I’ve been called everything from the silly names like stick, twiggy, tooth pick, bones, slim jim and skinny mini to the more hurtful words like “anorexic b🤬txh”, “flat chested little boy” and even once told by a complete stranger “real women with curves only no skinny b🤬txhes”- that last one had to be the most hurtful because someone tried to make me believe that the shape of my body determined my womanhood, my appeal and belonging. It took me a long time to love my little body and as most women would agree loving your body is an endless journey that we are all on. A while ago I would never even ask friends to take my picture especially not in a bathing suit and now my phone is full with pictures of me. AND I LOVE IT!I am publicly sexy because I didn’t allow others to defeat me or give up on myself. I am who I am. Approval neither desired nor required (Noxeema Jackson). This picture can’t show the growth of my mind and self esteem or how my experiences strengthen the courage in my heart to be unapologetically me - not to others but to myself. But damn I look good 😉"- Ashely  


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PrEP stands for Pre-exposer profilactic. It is a medication that when taken daily and consistently can prevent you from contracting HIV.




PEP stands for Post-exposer profilactic. It is a medication that should be taken within 72 hours of a possible exposer to HIV  to prevent contracting HIV.