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Are you a new mom? Auntie? Or just looking for a good baby shower gift? This post may be for you.

So I've been an auntie for a minute now (I have two nieces 18+) but I recently just got a new bundle of joy to add to the pack!


Her name is Emma, but we call her Emmy, Mumsie, Little Ti Marc and every other nickname that comes to mind during play time. Here she is pictured at about 3 months and 2 weeks and let me tell you she has a whole bunch of personality already!


This little bundle of joy is Alaya! She's about 4 months old in this photo and already playing with her toys and exploring her new world with her mum Samantha. As you can tell from the photo she is not camera shy!

A new baby can bring along excitement, a new found love for life, but also a little bit of chaos. So I could only imagine how some of our mums may be feeling during these awful COVID 19 times. Dont worry though, we have your back and if you didn't get anything from this post, at least you got to gush over photos of Emmy and Laya!

Thanks to Emily (Emma's mom) and Samantha (Alaya's mom) for helping create this awesome list!

Must have mommy products

Dock a tot - https://dockatot.com/

"By far the best gift we received was this lounger. It is on the pricey end but worth every penny for us. You can purchase the deluxe for infants 0-8+ months or the grand for 9-36+ months. We skipped the deluxe phase and went straight to grand so we could get more use, also Alaya is big baby. This can be used anywhere in your home you'd like for the baby to lounge in. Alaya loves sleeping in it or just hanging out. The whole idea is for the baby to feel enclosed which mimics mom's womb."

Disposable nursing pads -can be found on Target, Amazon, Walmart and more

"These help save you from leaking through your bra in public when you haven’t been able to pump yet"

Bamboobies nipple cream- Bamboobies

Nipple cream, made up of natural ingredients that help soothe sore nipples from breast feeding and/or pumping

Babyletto Scoot 3-in-1 Convertible Crib - available at wayfair

"Chic and functional all at the same time. I wanted to make sure she would have a bed that grew as she did so we opted for a crib that converts from crib to toddler bed to daybed and includes a toddler guard rail."

4moms MamaRoo Swing - available at target and other places

"During the day Alaya spends most of her time in her MamaRoo swing. It is bluetooth enabled and comes with an app for you to control the different swing modes as well as speed. A nice feature included is the music! You can connect your phone and play your own music or select one of the white noise options provided. White noise is definitely a must for a baby."

Pumping Bra- can be found at Walmart

"Life saving ! You can hook up your pump and go hands free. Yay multitasking mama!"

Evenflo Pivot Modular System - purchased at target

"This is an all-in-one stroller that meets all of our needs. I didn't want to purchase a separate car seat nor have to rebuy a new stroller once she becomes a toddler. This stroller comes with the car seat so in one-click she can go from the car to the stroller. It also has a separate toddler seat that can be used as a bassinet style we use when Alaya is sleeping. I also wanted a stroller that was not clunky and stylish which I think fits the bill. "

Graco DuoDiner DLX 6-in-1 High Chair - Purchased at Target

"Versatility at it's finest! This was a difficult purchase to decide on as there are so many options to choose from. Regardless of looks, the high chair needed to be multifunctional and easy to clean material. The Graco DuoDiner can be used as a high-chair with 3 reclining positions, infant/toddler booster seat, has wheels for easy mobility, self-standing fold for compact storage, and can be used for two children. "

Diaper Organizer bags - www.easybabytravelers.com

"I'm a sucker for an ad which is how I came across these diaper bag organizers, but I'm so glad I did. My diaper bag gave me anxiety when looking inside because I felt items were all over the place. These diaper organizers solved that problem. Each bag is labeled so you know exactly where to find a particular item. For example, a bag for 'feed me' housed items I would need for feedings like bibs, bottles, rice cereal etc. The complete set also comes with an extra 'feed me' insulated bag I use to store breast milk on the go. My favorite part about these bags is I can select which bags I need depending on the outing and throw them in one of my totes or bottom of the stroller."

There you have it moms! I hope this list helps ease a little bit of anxiety.

Stay safe. Xo

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