Why sunburn isn’t the only burn you should be protecting yourself from.

It’s summertime and you know what that means! Hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill aren’t the only things in heat!

Ah, summer, aka breakup, flourishing, thotting and bopping, or whatever other nomenclature you chose for the season, is upon us in full effect. As you bask in the sun for the next few months and all her glory, remember a few things: just as you would protect that melanin glow from the sun with sunscreen, don’t forget to protect yourself from some other HOT/burning situations.

As we know, no matter the season, STDs remain to be those pesky little things that come from an unprotected bump in the night and hide until months later. You’ve probably heard of a few, “the clam” (chlamydia), “the clap” (gonorrhea), herpes, the list goes on. In today’s dating culture not everyone is asking their partners about their status. And in flourishing season, not everyone is taking the time to get to know the person their hooking up with. Hey, even if you are, it doesn’t mean your partner always knows their status 🤷🏾‍♀️.

Unfortunately, reality remains that your boo thang,  may have a side boo who has a side boo boo. To stop any unnecessary “heat rashes” from spreading, it’s important you have conversations with your partner about safe sex.  Here’s a shortlist on how to COOL things down before someone gets burned:

Staying C.O.O.L. :

C: Choose wisely.

  • More than likely if you don't know your partners first and last name, you’re probably not going to know their STI/HIV status.

  • Have a conversation as you’re heading to back to the crib. Ask them when their last STI/HIV test was. If they aren’t willing to tell you or come off as aggressive about it you probably shouldn't hook up with that person. Someone who isn’t hiding something will most likely tell you upfront.

O: Opposites Attract

  • Ever heard of “don't yuck my yum”? Well let’s just say not everything you like is going to spark your partner's interest, so make sure you’re having a conversation about boundaries. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. #metoo

O: On Hand

  • Ok so carrying around condoms can be awkward, but who cares you gotta protect yourself! Find a cute little pocket purse or change purse and put a few condoms in it. No one will know what's in the little bag.

  • Can't afford condoms? Well, pull out your phone and google one of these links! They will tell you all the locations where you can access free condoms! You can also access free condoms from any of your local clinics, Planned Parenthoods, or college health centers.

  • http://www.condomfinder.org/find.php

  • (NYC only) http://findnyccondoms.com

L: Listen

  • If your gut is telling you to run, then do it! Your intuition is there for a reason.

  • If by the end of this blog post you’re totally freaked out, but also still in heat, masturbate. You can’t give yourself an STD.





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