what is publicly sexy?

The who, what, when, and why I started this blog.

Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I go by Nephy and like many of you, my identity is a combination of many things. I am a proud Haitian immigrant, a Black women, passionate womanist/feminist, public health educator, laid back homie, a Libra through and through, and a proud alumnus of Springfield college and New York University. I am a professional based out of NYC with and expertise in reproductive and sexuality health.

Growing up there were many topics that were left off of the table, sex being one of them. There were often times my friends would be talking about first base, second base, etc and I'd be starring back like, "Yea, girl I know about that" meanwhile I'm as clueless as they come. Luckily for me I was able to enroll in after school programs like Girls Inc. (shout out to all my Girls Inc. girls) where I was able to learn about my body and what sex was. 

From there I became a teen health educator where I learned about everything from safe sex practices to healthy relationships to STDs/HIV prevention. So best believe when those convos came back around, I was asking my friends all the questions! "You wearing a condom?" "Do you know your birth control options?" Trust, I thought I had all the answers. Then, college came around. 

Long story short, I ended up changing my major four times (I know, I know so indecisive! I told you I'm a “balanced” Libra!) The major that I graduated with was in Health Science with a Public Health track. During my course work I took classes like Cultural Competency (I really suggest everyone take a course in this, especially in today's era *insert eye roll*) that really opened my eyes up to the fact that it’s not only in my house hold that we aren't speaking about sex. 

As I navigate reproductive and sexual health, I wanted to make sure that I created some type of platform for young girls, ladies, women, grannies, whatever you'd like to identify yourself as, to be able to ask the questions that I was always too embarrassed to ask. To learn about issues that affect ALL women both globally and domestically. As well as, shooting the shits sometimes!

What does it mean to be Publicly Sexy?

Being Publicly Sexy means being aware of how and what sexual and reproductive public health issues are affecting your well being, all while making sure you're taking responsibility in making an effective change for yourself. I know that looking for resources and getting connected can be hard, but that’s what our Publicly Sexy community is for. I’ll be trying my best to keep you updated with all of the resources, events, and latest news.

Along with delivering this wonderful blog, I'll be dropping Publicly Sexy podcast, interviews with the experts, and tips! 

I'll be writing y'all soon! Tell a friend to tell a friend! And OH this blog is not only exclusive to women, I know there are some male allies out there! (Come through lol!) To my LGBTQ folk y'all are always welcomed!



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