Vagina Chronicles:Say What?

Written by Gemina

What did you say?!

While talking to one of my friends, I had to pee. Because we are so close, I just took her with me to the bathroom. She of course thought it was rude and stated, “I do not want to hear you peeing!” I then informed her (Nigerian) that in the Haitian culture, your mother could tell if you were a virgin by the sound your urine makes as it comes out. To this, she laughed hysterically. Which gave me the idea, what are some other weird, questionable, or provocative cultural beliefs or practices out there.

I messaged some of my friends from different cultures and got some very interesting, LOL, and gasp responses. These sentiments aren’t based on any hard facts or research, just things each female has been told, practiced, or witnessed growing up. 

Mexican friend- the men don’t go down on women because you can’t produce a baby doing oral sex. 

Habesha and Mexican friend- both swear by a product called Lemisol (a feminine wash) from Dominican Republic. To quote, “It’s like an Altoid for your pussy. It leaves your vagina with a spearmint feeling.” 

Haitian friend- after giving birth, you are not to eat anything cold and must avoid "white" foods, "White" and "cold" foods are believed to increase vaginal discharge and/or risk for hemorrhage.

Jamaican friend- there’s a way to have a sparkling, flavoured vagina. There is an intimacy capsule that is inserted into the vagina at least one hour before having sexual intercourse. As the capsule becomes warmer and moist by the natural vaginal fluids, it will dissolve, releasing the sparkling, candy-flavoured contents.

Kenyan friend- in rural parts of Kenya there's something called sexual cleansing. This involves a woman having unprotected sex with a man. It is carried out on three separate occasions - when a girl gets her first menstrual period, when a married woman loses her husband, or after an abortion.This traditional custom is meant to help girls become good wives.

What are some things or stories you’ve heard in regards to your lady parts or sexual practices?

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