The big O!

The truth is, there is a lot pressure placed on orgasms. A woman should never feel pressured into having an orgasm by society, the man or woman in her life, or even by reading this blog post. Yes, having an orgasm is an amazing part of sexual activity-the sexual peak and release that we all crave. But if it isn’t happening for you, what does that mean? What some women may not realize is that there are quite a few factors that play a role in having an orgasm. Age, hormones, sexual experience of you and your partner, sexual desire, stress and anxiety levels, and physical stimulation are a few of the many.

What type of orgasm am I having anyway?

Types of orgasms:

  1. Clitoral: Achieved by stimulating the clitoris with fingers, tongue or a vibrator.

  2. G-Spot: Achieved from pressure and movement across the inside of your vagina using the fingers.

  3. Cervical: Achieved through stimulation of the cervix, deep inside your vagina by means of a penis or dildo.

Because every woman is different, there is no cookie cutter method that will work for every woman. These are a few tips that can help relieve the pressure.

  1. To be orgasmic, a woman may have to teach her partner how to please her — which means already knowing the basics which gained through self-exploration- masturbation.

  2. Communication/Emotional intimacy. Honest communication between partners in what she likes/does not like during sex is crucial for women’s orgasms. When couples are capable of expressing their desires of what feels good or what doesn’t, there is a much higher likelihood of finding ways to bring mutual pleasure.

  3. Foreplay. More than just makign out minutes before sex. Anticipation. Texting, leaving sexy voice mails, or notes that give previews of coming attractions are great turn ons.

  4. Be present. Thinking about the big O! often leads to performance anxiety. Be in tune with your partner and what’s happening at the moment- sex is suppose to be fun and enjoyable.

Gemina’s recommendations:

1. Don’t fake the funk. Faking an orgasm is a great disservice to yourself and your partner.

2. Ask for what you want!

3. Be open to tryign new positions, techniques, and devices (toys, erotica)

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