Take control Be in charge!!! #Igotthis

Written by Markyse, FNP

Rather delaying having a child or living your best life, all women should be equipped and ready for the “oops” days. An "oops day" is when you find yourself in a situation you are not ready for.

As women we are taught to have spare tires for our cars, an umbrella in case it rains, tampons and pads for the days our period surprises us, lipsticks in case we need to reapply, pain meds for cramps and so many others. Yet, we fail to be prepared for the possible sexual “oops day”.

Let’s be honest we sometimes can find ourselves in situations we did not plan for. We let

society tell us what is acceptable or not to carry in our own purses/ bag. Being ready for the possibility of a sexual encounter should be no different. It should be in your control and planned out. Just like the tampons or pads sitting in your bag right now that has been there for months waiting to be used. We must take control and be ready for days when we find ourselves in an oops situation. Being ready is to be smart, prepared, strong and powerful. It’s to have control over one’s life and decision making. To start with, all women who are sexually active should have condoms in their bags to protect themselves against STD’s/STI’s. This will give you control. The truth is we would never go to a man and asked them if they have a pad for the days, we forget we were getting our periods, we must also take control and not expect the man to always have a condom to protect “your” body.

It is indeed your responsibility to advocate and supply yourself with the tools you need to live your best life. While STD/STI should always be a concern, we must also think about unwanted pregnancy. After all, the laws are changing, and options are becoming limited. You want to equip yourself with the products you need from the start, in order to protect oneself. For example, did you know you have 72hrs after having unprotected sex to stop an unwanted pregnancy. Emergency contraception like the Plan B pill, which you can get from a pharmacy without a prescription, is very effective if taken correctly. Check out more information about Plan B in our other blog post.

Its 2019 ladies, we are bosses go getters, strong independent women who makes decisions for ourselves without hesitations. We must do the same thing when it comes to our sexual health. We must stop blaming others when we fail to be ready. Take responsibility and make moves.

Smart moves knowing you’re in control.



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