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We see movies, TV shows, and porn all the time that features women with little to no hair down there. Even WE see the lack of pubic hair as something to be desired. Some may say it’s due to societal standards, and some will say its due to convenience. Surprisingly, studies show that there is no health benefit to removing your pubic hair. Crazy right?! Despite the lack of evidence supporting a real ​need​ to remove the hair, a study in 2014 revealed that ​ONE HUNDRED PERCENT​ of women by the age of 24 either have a hair removal regimen, or have tried hair removal.

Many women like the physical appearance of not having hair. Others find it to be more hygienic for them. Others do it for their partners. Then, there are some women who choose to keep their bush intact and not tamper with it, except maybe to just trim it down with scissors or clippers.

Personally, I have tried Nair, shaving, and waxing. Waxing is my usual now, and I have a standing appointment every 4-6 weeks to have this hair snatched out. I’m a sweaty mess, and because of my PCOS I grow a LOT of hair, so I find waxing to be more hygienic for me. My husband enjoys the smoothness, but finds it a little odd when it’s completely bare down there.

I’m gonna cover the two most often used hair removal techniques, as well as remaining au naturale. Buckle up.

(We are aware that there are epilators and laser also available, however the focus of this one is to highlight the more common methods!)


Shaving is a very cost effective way to remove pubic hair. It can be done quickly at home and involves using a razor or very low clippers to cut the hair to a very low, almost undetectable level, from the genital area. The safest way to remove the hair is to use a clean, new razorhead, shaving cream or natural soap (​essential​ for moisturizing the skin and reducing razor burn), and to shave in the direction of the hair.

While it is tempting to shave against the grain, doing so increases your risk of ingrown hairs, which you’re more prone to if your pubic hair is more coarse and curly. Ingrown hairs and potential for cuts and nicks, and sometimes even turning into abscesses and scarring, make shaving a less appealing option for many women, and are prone to occur due to the angle in which the hair is shaved. The scarring can lead to hyperpigmentation of the skin, which can cause a lowered self esteem when viewed nude. I personally remember nicking my labia as a teenager trying to shave... and it was a damn tragedy. You don’t realize how much blood is down there, man.

If you choose to shave, make sure you exfoliate the skin afterward, and 1-2 times a week to slough off the skin cells and allow for healthy skin to re-emerge. To achieve desired results, shaving is often done 1-2 times a week.


Waxing has become more popular in the last decade. It involves the use of wax (usually honey or sugar-based) to pull the pubic hair from the follicles. It can be done from home as well, as there are many recipes out there on how to create your own sugar wax in your own kitchen for maybe just $5 in supplies, but is recommended to be done at a licensed facility. Most places will use either a hard (the warm or cool wax is placed on the skin and hardens, allowing the technician to pull the wax off directly) or soft wax (warm or cool wax is placed on the skin and a soft cloth paper is applied on top, allowing for removal of the wax and hair). Neither option is ​better, ​but some people do have a preference. Results for waxing can last 4-6 weeks, and in a typical wax studio, each session can run you about $35-50, which can be REALLY pricy for many people. Waxing techniques can sometimes also reduce the appearance of scarring, which is very appealing to a number of women.

The most common type of wax for the genital area is the bikini or the Brazilian wax. The bikini wax removes hair from the inner thigh and any area that is not covered with a bikini. However, a Brazilian wax removes hair from the inner thigh, mons pubis, labia, and between the cheeks. Because hair is literally being ripped out of your body, many women find the pain of waxing to be unbearable and opt to not do it.

Also, while you’re less likely to get ingrown hairs of the same magnitude as with shaving, you aren’t immune to them with waxing and exfoliating weekly is still recommended. There have also been reports of many wax studios “double dipping”, meaning they use the same wax for multiple clients and dip their tools back in between clients... which is frickin ​gross ​and can lead to cross contamination and infection.

BUSH... or going natural.

There is also the push for women coming into their own and loving their bodies the way the Creator made them, and many women choose to leave their hair intact. Some will “trim the hedges” with scissors or clippers, while others will let the pubic hair grow as much as it will. With doing so, they don’t run into issues with the cost of other types of hair removal, have fewer problems with ingrown hairs, and have to do overall less maintenance down there. The main issue that is experienced is sweat and odor, but good hygiene should solve that issue. And remember, ​the vagina is self-cleaning; the vulva (everything on the OUTSIDE) is NOT.​ A female-friendly soap or wash is recommended for the mons pubis and vulvar area. Having more pubic hair can also hold onto bacteria and STDs; they can stick to it like Velcro. Make sure you keep it clean.


That was a hell of a lot of info... man. But now that you have the tools to choose which option works best for you and your vulva, which option are you gonna go with?



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