Sex jewelry

Written by Kia Pascal

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So as a sexually active (or sometimes, not so active) adult, one of my goals was to make sure that I feel good before allowing someone else to help me feel good. My pleasure and joy has to be in my hands first, and in turn I am able to adequately please someone else and let them please me as well. One way I do that is through... sex jewelry. 


Sex jewelry is basically jewelry that can either double as a pleasure device, or that can be used as a bedroom accessory. The most common ones we see are collars, which are often used in BDSM scenes. Sometimes they are worn to accent an outfit, or can be used to attach a leash or to simply tug for light choking in the bedroom. There’s something alluring about wearing a piece out in public that people might know can be used for pleasure. It’s slightly naughty, but empowering. 

My Fav Five

Rose Gold Collar by Eternity Collars

This beauty is one of my prized possessions. This is a versatile titanium collar that can be worn with an outfit and can also be rocked with a partner during play. One of the sexiest aspects of this one? It locks with a hex screw and screwdriver, so whoever possesses the screwdriver has control over locking and unlocking the collar. It’s not heavy, and the plating on it is top notch. They come on gold, silver, rose gold, and black. There are even bracelets and anklets! I like to wear mine as daily jewelry, but I will say that the smoothness and coolness of the metal, and pressure applied when pulled from behind, is an AMAZING feeling.

Vesper by Crave

When we are talking about literal sex jewelry, this is what I’m talking about. This is a high tech vibrator on a necklace! Shaped like a mix between a long nail and a bullet, the Vesper is a powerful stainless steel vibe on a beautiful stainless steel chain (plated in rose gold or 24k gold, should you choose) that is USB chargeable. You can even customize your vibe by having a short phrase or name engraved. I like to rock mine to add a little eroticism to my sophisticated ensembles, because people will never know! I’ve used it in some non-bedroom settings… you never know when it might come in handy and you wanna get a little frisky!

HerCuff Bracelet by Lalita

I found this company on Kickstarter a couple of years ago and had to support! The goal was to create seductive pieces that could be worn daily… which is my fave thing! This bracelet is a sexy little number made from Italian leather, joined together by a fine sterling silver chain. This one isn’t really made to be rocked in the bedroom, but it definitely drips sex appeal and can evoke those feelings when being worn. Plus, this has to be the softest leather I have ever felt in my life.

Sylvie Monthulé Secret River Necklace with Nipple Clamps

This piece right here? MAN. The soft rubber-type clamps are adjustable, so you can fit your nipples in and slide the gold slider up or down to fit. They aren’t too tight… unless you want them to be. They stay on all day with no discomfort. I rocked it to a festival last year with a low-cut jumper so you could see where the chains lead, but not their end destination. The gold chain and clear gems are both great quality, and since this piece can literally cause arousal while you’re out and about (if nipple stimulation is a point of arousal for you), it easily make my faves list!

Devora Cuffs in Burgundy by ANOESES

Crafted in the Ukraine with the finest Italian leather, ANOESES has the most amazing restraint pieces. These cuffs are soft, elaborately made, and they are definitely dual purpose. Suede on the inside is easy on my skin, and they are mad heavy. I like to rock mine as bracelets outside, and they are some mighty sturdy cuffs for inside. Hands down the sexiest cuffs I have ever seen. Even better? Each color and collection has a matching collar, ankle cuffs, X harness, and belt. An entire collection will run you close to $700, but hey… if you’re about that lavish life, go for it! I would love to be about that life one day.

See anything that sparks your interest? Even if you can’t fully get off from each item, it might help you feel a new sense of empowerment by owning your sexuality and being publicly open with it. Being… Publicly Sexy! (Shameless plug. Had to go for it.)

Try it out! Let us know how you dig it! 


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