Power of Love: Crystals and Stones for Self-Love and Healing

February is the month of love.

You see love everywhere all month: Valentine’s Day cards, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, advertisements for all sorts of jewelry, it’s everywhere. It’s all about ensuring another person knows they love them. But what about if you aren’t feeling like yourself, and haven’t shown yourself love for a while? Why not show yourself some love?

There’s been controversy on the usefulness of stones and crystals for healing. Quartz, in particular, is known to create a small amount of electricity when pressure is applied, known as the Piezoelectric effect… so holding a stone in your palm can help actually emit energy! Crystals and stones have been used for centuries for healing and energy purposes, and they are still used all around the world. Asian cultures use rooms lined with jade to help relieve stress and heal arthritic pain.

So if there are crystals for healing physical pain and mental stress, there have to be some made for love, right?

Of course. I got you covered on the top 3 crystals for self love.

Rose Quartz

With its gorgeous pink hue, rose quartz has been prized for centuries for being associated with love. Known as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz appeals to the heart chakra and helps open your heart to allow you to trust and love yourself.

Being a primary stone for love, rose quartz is a stone used for pleasure wands and yoni eggs. Makes sense, huh?


Rhodonite is known as the “rescue stone”, and is used when matters of the heart are little on the rough side. It encourages clear communication, calms anxious nerves, and promotes resilience. If you are dealing with feelings of self-loathing and feeling unlovable, grab a rhodonite stone to keep close to you to help combat those feelings and get that love for yourself back.


This fiery stone exudes just as much… fire… as you can see on the physical stone. Carnelian is meant to help access your deep desires, light up your sexuality, and help you recognize your own self-worth. It appeals to the lower three chakras, and helps you gain confidence. While the former two stones focus on the emotion of love, carnelian tends to focus on sensuality and becoming one with yourself in a deeper, intimate sense.

This is a very good starter set for “love crystals”, and can help you get a beautiful start to rediscovering and loving yourself again. All of these stones can be found online, or can be found at local crystal shops.

Love yourself this month… and every month hereafter.


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