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Alright y'all it's officially cuffing season. Hopefully some of y'all made it through preseason.

There are so many things that could change between now and the championship game. You can fumble the ball (crappy holiday present), get intercepted by a side piece, or just forfeit the game altogether (break up). It’s all a toss up!

But you know what you can do? Take control of the field (bed) and make sure all players have read our playbook for this season.

Not a football type of chick? Well maybe this will make more sense.

You wouldn’t play a game of football without a helmet would you? So of course you're going to play the field with protection. Whether that's with just your helmet or with some extra padding, its all up to you.

Now a little while back I spoke about keeping things C.O.O.L (Choosing wisely, Opposites attract, On hand, and Listen Well, I want to focus on the ON HAND part. Think of it as your playbook, you should always have a plan before hitting the field.  


I’m sure at some point in time you’ve personally or have known someone whose partner has told them that certain brands of condoms are too small for their eggplant. Well, that's simply not true. Go ahead and check for yourself. You can literally take a condom and put both of your hands in it and still have room to wiggle your fingers.

Now if your partner has a bigger penis than Steve Carell’s hand in this Giphy then sis we have other problems to address.


Let’s talk about how you can make condoms work for you.

There are so many different types of condoms out there. Ones to make it feel like nothing is there, some are ribbed “for your pleasure”, and some are even made with extra room for your partner (you know for those “they’re too small” guys). If your curious about all the different kinds, check out they have descriptions for each kind.

Another suggested tip to make using condoms more pleasurable for you and your partner, is to use lubrication. I know what some of you may be thinking “I don't need lube” well sis would you believe me if I told you adding lube with a condom can  lessens the likeliness of tearing? Its true! You can get more information at .



  1. Check expiration date

  2. Check for air bubbles (pinch the condom to check if there is still air in the condom)

  3. Push condom to one side and tear package open

  4. Check to make sure the condom is in the right direction (you’ll know it's in the right direction if you're able to roll it down the penis with ease)

  5. Hold tip of condom to make sure there is space at the end

  6. Roll down the shaft

  7. Do the do (sex)

  8. Have your partner pull away from your vagina with condom on

  9. Remove and throw away in the trash (DON'T THROW AWAY IN THE TOILET ! YOU'LL CLOG YOUR MOTHER'S TOILET)


  1. Check expiration date

  2. Make sure there isn't holes in the packaging

  3. Push condom to the side and tear open packaging

  4. Take condom out and unfold it

  5. Hold the smaller plastic ring and pinch it

  6. Insert it into your vagina as if you were inserting a tampon or your Diva Cup (best done squatting or with a leg up)

  7. Once the ring is inserted use your finger to make sure it is fully in

  8. Make sure to keep the larger ring outside of your vagina

  9. Hold while having sex

  10. Remove by twisting the outside ring and pulling it out

  11. Discard in trash

*Did you know that you could insert a female condom hours before having sex? However, once used you must replace it. It can also be used during anal sex*

Finger Cots

A Lot of people aren't aware that finger cots exist however they can be great to use during foreplay if you or your partner has cut on their hand. They can be bought at most drug stores.

Dental Dams

Are thin layers of latex that can be placed over the vagina or anus during oral sex to help protect against STIs. They come in different flavors and are often sold in drug stores. If you don't wanna go out and buy one, you can make your own from a condom.

Now if by the end of this post, you've haven't come up with a few plays to add to your playbook, or learned a way to make safe sex more pleasurable, then go ahead and scroll back up and read it all over again. You don't wanna be in the playoffs lost girl!

But in all honesty, if you have any questions about what’s been mentioned above do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions, love to answer them!

Until next time!



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