It's just one of those days

Remember that classic Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Those Days) by Monica?

"Just one of them days That a girl goes through When I'm angry inside Don't want to take it out on you Just one of them days Don't take it personal I just wanna be all alone And you think I treat you wrong Don't take it personal Baby, baby, baby, baby, don't take it personal"

Rumor has it the famous chorus is referring to that time of the month. You know, your "Uncle Tom", "Mother Nature", "Present from Eve"....your period.

We all have our different traditions and remedies to reduce cramping  and tough it through the week. I use hot water bottles (not like Poland Springs lol) and Aleve to cope but just in case you wanted some new ideas here are a few handy tips!


I know, I know people are always screaming that water is the answer for all health issues, but drinking water during your period is probably one of the best things that you can do for your body. Think about it you're losing fluids constantly so you're bound to get dehydrated without even noticing it. Also, acne. Drinking more water is known to help reduce breakouts. Let's be for real who really wants to be bloated, in pain, AND with multiple breakouts?

2. Heat Packs/Hot Water bottles

You can get heat packs from any local drug store or pharmacy. Whether its at Walmart, CVS, or Target you can find in the same place as the first aid stuff or next to Icy Hot. But what if you can't make it to target? Well, grab and old sock, take a trip to the kitchen, and sneak a cup of rice. Add the rice to the inside of the sock, tie a knot at the top and place it in the microwave for about a minute. TA-DA! you have your very own homemade heat pack.

Hot water bottles are also a life saver! For the most part they don't really look like water bottles but instead water sacks. Just like heat packs, you can get them at most stores. Have no fear though, because you too can make these at home. All you need are two small towels (wash cloth or kitchen towel), ziplock bag, and water. Step 1: Take one of the towels and run it through water. Step 2: Ring it out but not all the way, you still want it to be wet. Step 3: Place it in the microwave for like 30-40 seconds. If you don't have a microwave you can put the towel in a pot with water and boil it. After boiling it for like 2 minutes, take it out using tongs (or two spatulas, I'm sure you'll make it work) let it cool a bit and then ring it out just a bit. Follow steps as follows. Step 4: Place it in the Ziplock bag and seal it. Step 5: Use the extra towel to wrap it and BOOM you did it again.

3. Sleep

Treat yo self! Go ahead and take that nap girl! Who really ever feels their cramps when they're sleeping? If you're one of those people who do, then I'm sorry. Take some pain meds first, then nap. Add a heating pack if you need to. When you're sleeping your body feels relaxed and if your body is relaxed guess what else is?

4. Exercise

Need an excuse to go to the gym? Your period is the perfect one! The more active you are the more endorphins your body will release. Endorphins are what basically makes your body feel good.

5. Be care what your eat and drink

Coming from me, a dedicated coffee drinker, stop drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverage when you're on your period. Caffeine can almost be blamed for bloating and period pains because your body is more likely to hold water.

Since your period is technically blood and your blood has iron in it, guess what every time you shed your lining, you're also losing iron. So make sure that you eating all those yummy foods that pack in the iron like spinach. Think of it as keeping inventory. If you were running out of soap you'd replace it.

6. Keep Track of your body

Download an app, go old school and use a calendar, or if you have special super powers that allow you to remember stuff then you need to start using it to help the greater good. Just saying. Being able to predict when your period is coming can have a ton of benefits. Taking pain medication a couple days before your period helps reduce cramps. You can also start getting your period travel bag ready. You know the small pouch you carry around in your bag filled with pads, tampons and maybe your diva cup (heyyy fellow Divas). Try adding an extra pair of panties for those times when its really unexpected. You can even add some pain medication to it so that you're always prepared while one the go.

If this list was helpful, let us know below! If you have any cool life hacks feel free to share!




Periods are our friends.

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