Get to know our new team member!

We are so excited to announce our newest team member Deborah "Debbie" Onakomaiya! She will joining us as our Podcast Editor! Learn more about Debbie by reading her bio below!

Deborah Onakomaiya, MPH:  Ms. Onakomaiya obtained a Masters in public health from the NYU College of Global health and she is also a member of the Delta Omega honorary society for public health. She is an early career researcher with current interests in global health, implementation science and cardiovascular disease research. Specifically she is interested in understanding the rising cardiovascular disease burdens among African women and mechanism for tailoring context specific, evidence based –interventions, using implementation science. While completing her MPH she interned in the implementation science lab (NYU Langone) under the mentorship of Dr. Gbenga Ogedegbe, where she still assists with writing academic papers and NIH grant proposals. Additionally, Deborah has a background in public health communications.  During her masters’ program, she created a weekly video series called “Humans of Global Public Health”, providing a platform for young professionals in the field to share their journey to public health. Similarly, she hosted and produced a public health podcast called “I AM GPH” which shares stories of cutting edge faculty research, student internships and other activities within the NYU public health community. Currently Deborah is the research coordinator and website manager for the ‘Global Research on Implementation and Translation Science Coordinating Center (GRIT CC)’ in the section for Global health at NYU Langone. She works with consortium partners to develop and mange content for the website and facilitates publication development from the consortium. She attends research-training workshops, and assists with organizing bi-annual meetings in various grantee countries. She hopes to obtain a PHD in population health in the nearest future.

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