CoronaVirus Survival Guide

Written by Felecia

Yes, we are now in August and we are still in quarantine...but try coping using some of these tips.

  1. Create a meaningful routine.

  2. Stay connected to your community. 

  3. Quarantine does not have to mean isolation. During challenging times like this it can feel like you are alone. You are not alone. 

  4. Keep a list of your victories.

  5. We often have a habit of writing long to-do lists. Instead, I challenge you to take time at the end of your day to write down the things you accomplished. It can be as simple as “I 

  6. Take care of your body.

  7. Stay informed through reliable sources. 

  8. Find a balance between being informed and stepping away from outlets such as social media, etc. Limit media intake. 

  9. Take it one moment at a time. 

  10. Life as we know it is quickly changing around us. It will take time for us to adjust and that is okay. 

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