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 mental health resources 

therapist directories 

A directory of therapist who are either of color, or specialize in therapy for people of color. 

Works to increase access to healing justice resources for queer and trans people of color. 

A directory that specializes in therapy for Latinx communities. Therapist are Latinx identifying or have worked closely in Latinx communities. 

A directory that has therapist in areas like: NYC, DC, RI, LA, BOS, CHI, WA, NJ, CT 

Cultural therapy 

Looking for Telehealth? Good Therapy has a filter just for that! They include a list of their top cities for therapist. 

Find a LGBTQ friendly healthcare and wellness provider. 

Focuses on making metal health care affordable ad accessible. 

Offers both group therapy and individual therapy. 

Focuses on workplace wellness solutions. 

Helps find therapist of color, focuses on making therapy work for people of color. 

Focuses on promoting mental health for Muslim Americans, user can search for therapist on the site. 

Helps to connect people to therapist that specialize in: individual, couples, family, child, adolescent/teen, group and medication management. 

Specializes in providing therapy for the deaf community. 

Free/Reduced-Cost Mental Health Resources

 Articles/Blog Posts:

Helpful guide to find a black therapist.